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Hello Everyone!

I'm postponing the review for The Cruel Prince until Thursday to share with you a little about my writing journey. Last Thursday, I finally finished the first draft of my novel, Dark Keeper, and I thought I'd share my experience with you. I know first drafts are important for all aspiring writers out there. I learned so much in the process, and documenting my experience seems important because I would have loved reading about the experience some of my favorite authors went through when they first started their journey.

Writing Journey for Dark Keeper by Lourdes Montes. Two Arts in a World, November, 2019.

I'm not planning to give away major spoilers about my story, right now I think the focus is on the writing itself. Pushing my writing to complete this draft was tough, especially because I tend to get distracted and well, life happens. Being a writer is something I want be, not necessarily something I am everyday because my life demands other things from me, so I've made time to sit down and write so that I can do this someday for a living.

For now I'm aware there is still a long way to go to consider my novel something other people can read and enjoy.

I will share with you my struggles and what I learn along the way, hopefully we all can inspire each other.

Here is a little about how it all began:

Scrivener project targets for Dark Keeper by Lourdes Montes. Morning writing session, Summer, 2019.

I got the idea for Dark Keeper back in February because I was having a season of parasomnia and sleep paralysis. I always like to refer to it as "season" because it happens frequently for some time and it goes away for a while until it happens again.

Writing this novel felt like an opportunity to make my nightmares someone else's story. Right now, I have so much to review and adjust in my draft because the story I began writing has nothing to do with the one I ended November 1st.

Most of the advice I always heard from writers was to write first and edit later, and with much effort that is just what I did. It helped me get the words down and get to know my characters a little more.

Throughout my writing process I tried to read as much as I was writing. I tried to read novels written in third person because that is my novel's POV. I did it to nurture the voice I was using and it helped a lot.

Writing Dark Keeper on Scrivener. The process included a lot of notes and images to help build the world. Summer, 2019.

I surrounded myself with the things that motivated me to keep writing. It wasn't always the case that I felt like writing every day. My process is very solitary because I've never felt confident enough to share, and the lack of confidence sometimes felt too heavy have any hopes in my area.

This is my dream, and this is my journey.

It took eight months to get here, and I didn't always work towards finishing this draft because I went through graduation and my move to Charleston.

Here is perhaps the most useful piece of advice I might be able to give you for now.

Consume the content you want reflected in your writing. Read books (fiction and non-fiction), watch movies, listen to music, browse through Pinterest–do your research. It will nurture the world, your characters and their story.

This is the first time I write about my novel, and for now, here is a collage of images in my story's Pinterest mood board.

Dark Keeper mood board. Images are from the Pinterest board, which is a great way to nurture imagination and the writing process.


Title: Dark Keeper

Status: First-draft

Genres: #LowFantasy #YoungAdult #Mythology #Horror

I'm taking a break from my novel to start a novella for NaNoWriMo. My plan is to begin the first round of edits of DK in December and focus on that for a period of time I'm yet to determine.

If you're a writer, I would love to hear about your journey and what habits work for your productivity. Which books sparked your desire to write? I will share that perhaps in another post.

Love, Lourdes.

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