My 25th Quarantine Birthday

Hi Everyone,

Never in my my life did I think I'd be spending my birthday confined in my apartment, with two many books and plants and itching to make today count. I think now more than ever, we should celebrate the little things, especially because our world has been turned upside-down and what is normal anymore? Not every year do you get to say you're a quarter of a century old, and I'm here owning the little wisdown I've acquired to date.

Many things have changed in the last year, from graduation, to my move to Charleston, a few goals met that have made me proud, and other moments that filled me with disappointment.

My 25th Quarantine Birthday | Blog Chronicles in the Social Distancing Age | Two Arts in a World | Charleston, Sc

But today is not about lingering in the bad. I want to celebrate and welcome with open arms whatever comes ahead. It's all part of the journey. I'm filled with gratitude that I'm healthy, which is a lot nowadays.

Today I'm going to relax and make brownies instead of cake. So here is my wish for the year that just begun: I want to nourish and push the boundaries of my creativity so let me believe in myself and carry in my heart the confidence to accomplish my creative goals. I don't need easy, in fact, it is never satisfying without a struggle, I just need my heart and mind to be with me throughout the way.

As a little extra celebration, I decided to release today the journals I made during the quarantine. They'll be live at 1:00 p.m. EST in case you want to check them out (visit my shop here).

It's been a gift to have the means to create while social distancing, I don't think I would be okay without the books, plants and craft supplies, and I feel like I wouldn't have been able to write this if I didn't have the peace within me to do so. If you, like me, have had to spend your birthday or any other important event in quarantine, focus on every positive aspect in your life and celebrate. It doesn't have to be grand. We are lucky there is always social media and video calls to connect with those we love. Perhaps promise yourself to celebrate in a different way once this is all over.

Anyways, I just wanted to post something random today to celebrate my birthday, but it's not just about me. I'm rooting for all of you because we have gone through a lot this year, remember that it will get better.

Stay healthy and positive.

Love, Lourdes

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