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Updated: Nov 2, 2019

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It's a bit overdue to write the review for Sky, since it's been a little over a week since I finished it. Since I April, I've been reading slowly, but even more so lately because of my new focus on writing.

Before my personal review, please read the book info, the professional description, about the characters, and I'm also adding some random facts, and favorite quotes. There is a flagged section that contains spoilers, and in it I'll tell you about specific aspects of what I loved and hated about the book.

Here we go:

Book Info

Publication date: April 24, 2018

Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, & Young Adult Fiction.

No. of chapters: 47

No. of pages: 335

Setting: Hylli, and Fela

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Part Wonder Woman, part Vikings—and all heart.

Raised to be a warrior, seventeen-year-old Eelyn fights alongside her Aska clansmen in an ancient rivalry against the Riki clan. Her life is brutal but simple: fight and survive. Until the day she sees the impossible on the battlefield—her brother, fighting with the enemy—the brother she watched die five years ago.

Faced with her brother's betrayal, she must survive the winter in the mountains with the Riki, in a village where every neighbor is an enemy, every battle scar possibly one she delivered. But when the Riki village is raided by a ruthless clan thought to be a legend, Eelyn is even more desperate to get back to her beloved family.

She is given no choice but to trust Fiske, her brother’s friend, who sees her as a threat. They must do the impossible: unite the clans to fight together, or risk being slaughtered one by one. Driven by a love for her clan and her growing love for Fiske, Eelyn must confront her own definition of loyalty and family while daring to put her faith in the people she’s spent her life hating.


Evelyn: She is the main character and narrator of the story. Evelyn is a highly skilled Aska warrior, and throughout the story she appears stubborn and proud. Her journey is cruel and it forces her to face life-changing battles and alliances.

Fiske: He's a warrior from an enemy clan, the Riki. Fiske is protective of those he loves, even if his actions appear to be cold and cruel at times.

Iri: He's Eelyn's brother and ex-fighting mate. He was saved by Fiske after he had been wounded in battle and thought dead. He's said to be easily loved and open-minded. He's the first Aska to join the Riki through Fiske's family.

Personal Review

It was perhaps the Viking theme that drew me in to read Sky in the Deep. I knew I was going to love the book from the first scene, which was packed with action and rich descriptions. There are many aspects that contributed to efficient world-building, like religion, rituals, pre-war routines and mythology involved. Because it starts with action, it does appear a bit dull at times when fighting isn't happening, but there is always tension present, which keeps you on edge, waiting for something unexpected to happen.

The love story is mild but it does have a good enemy-to-lovers transition. Eelyn's journey is definitely a complex one, but you'll love seeing her stand her ground and survive wounds that transform her.

To say it explicitly, I do recommend this book, especially to those who love mythology and war action.

Random Facts

• The foreign language used in the series is Old Norse, which is a dead language.

• Music was a huge inspiration for Adrienne Young's writing process. Here is the playlist for Sky in the Deep.


***Spoilers Ahead***

What I loved:

• The mythology tale that explained the rivalry between the Aska and the Riki. And how it was told slightly different by each clan to fuel their hate and purpose.

• I really loved how Iri found a family in Inge's home, especially a mother, since he lost his at a young age. Also his love for Runa, was pretty sweet, especially because they were honest with each other.

• The bear omen! I have always loved omens and how usually gods use animals for that purpose.

• How, in the end, the story was all about Iri, and that Halvard had a different fate waiting for him.

• Absolutely loved that Eelyn and Fiske chose each other in the end.

What I didn't like:

• Evelyn's hate for Iri after she had been the reason why Fiske even had to save him. Well, remember you forgot to have his back?.

• Now, I did kind of hate how Fiske had to be extra harsh with Eelyn at the beginning. Like, chill.

• That heart-stopping moment when I thought Fiske was dead, but it was only a distraction to get Eelyn in danger.

Thank you for reading my review for Sky in the Deep, I really hope it helps pick it up, or open up a conversation about what you loved and didn't.

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