Beginning a New Phase of Creativity

Updated: May 19, 2020

Life is about change.

In art, styles evolve throughout the years in ways artists are not able to help; in writing, new chapters are necessary to keep the story moving towards the happy ending we all yearn for.

Whether we don't notice the changes or are required to take conscious action towards beginning something new, the idea of leaving behind something comfortable and known can be as exciting as it is scary.

Beginning a new phase of creativity, blog post by Lourdes Montes for Two Arts in a World.

This year, I've experiences so much change in my life, and this blog post is to share with you all the joy and fear these changes have brought to my life. I believe at some point we all are scared of change, so I aim to encourage you to not be scared–turn the page, take out a new canvas, and begin something wonderful.

Getting over the fear of something new:

I began the year expecting change since I started in January the last semester of my undergraduate education and had big plans. In my head, everything was simple, but I realized I was afraid of big changes when I had a video conference with my school advisor during April.

He asked: "How do you feel about graduation?"

Having him say it out loud made me think about it in a different way, and as the words came out of my lips so did tears from my eyes.

"I don't know how to not be in school." I said.

I was weeks away from graduation and I still had a lot to figure out. Fear took hold of my body, I cried and shook from head to toe because I focused on what I was going to lose–my work-study at the library, my school routine, and the sheltering I had at my family's home–and not in what I was going to gain.

I was great at being a student, and knowing that after graduation I would move to a new city and be in charge of my own time was scary because I didn't know if I was going to be good at working towards the right things.

Graduation came, and I was relieved but also scared to death. Here are some of the changes that came after.

Moving states:

Afternoon scenes on King Street in Charleston, Sc. Picture taken by Lourdes Montes.

A while back I made the decision to move to Charleston. I felt it would allow me to start fresh but still with the comfort of having family and loved ones nearby. After graduation I packed my whole room and over 150 paintings to move my life from South Atlanta to Charleston, Sc.

I think packing was one of the most frustrating things because I realized I had more stuff than I thought I did!

Anyways, I was blessed that my cousin allowed me to stay with him while I found a job and an apartment. Right now, I have both of those things and will move into an apartment in 9 days!

Here is what I love so far about living in Charleston:

• My commute to work is 11 minutes, which is a huge difference from the 45 minute commute I used to have in Georgia.

• There are so many galleries that it gives me hope to continue my journey as an artist and someday join other artists whose paintings are scattered around the city in one of the multiple galleries downtown. I have indeed been accepted into a gallery, but I haven't been able to set up my art yet due to finances (yes, sometimes you have to pay gallery rent).

• Charleston is the city where each year YALLFEST takes place, and as a Young Adult Literature lover, my heart years to be part of this event every year until I am able to be on the other side of it as an author.

Finding a new job:

First day working at S'Cato Int'l Investment Gallery in Downtown Charleston. Artwork in the back by Mick Elam. Picture taken by me, Lourdes Montes.

I was able to move in to Charleston with a job at S'Cato, which is an international gallery on King Street (downtown). I have learned so much about the art business here, which is super useful, and getting to know some of the local artists and being able to represent other amazing artists like Dean Russo is really uplifting, however, it has also made me feel like I'm falling behind since I haven't had time to create any new art. Talk about being complicated.

Anyways, work at the gallery is part time, so I had to complement it with another form of income. Thankfully, I recently got a new full-time job working for the Public Library System, which is something I'm super excited about since I love books and I have experience in the field.

At the end of the blog post you can see how I'm celebrating for the new job.

Committing my spare time to work on my dreams:

Blog writing, coffee drinking, and reading Sky in the Deep. Picture taken by Lourdes Montes

During the five weeks I have living in Charleston, I've had so much free time, yet I have not been able to paint for over two month now because I don't have a space to make my mess. I believe the only thing keeping me sane is working on my novel, since it is part of working towards my dream of becoming a published author.

I also try to work on my blogging habit and my reading challenge. I don't read as much as I used to, but I try to balance my writing and my reading so that I enjoy both activities.

For my blog, I try keeping my content fun. You judge.

Purple sky on King Street. Downtown Charleston, Sc. Picture taken by Lourdes Montes.

Life is pretty wonderful, when you take a moment to focus on the good instead of the bad. Right now I'm full of hope for what's to come. I know I will have my down times, just as everyone who goes through change and adulthood. This blog post took over a week after its due date to get published because I still deal with insecurities, but I have an amazing supporting system that allows me to get back in track.

I will move next week to my new apartment and I hope to set up a little creative station that will allow me to make new art and finish my book draft.

To celebrate the new move and job, you can get free domestic shipping on all my art until July 8, which is when I begin my new job

Link to my shop, here.

Sometimes patience and hard work pay off. I hope you dare to take chances and believe in your potential to achieve something wonderful. Please stare with me your story, either in the comment section or by sending an email to, I would love to hear from you.

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Love, Lourdes.

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