8 Things That Have Kept Me Sane During Quarantine

I still have a week and a couple of days before going back to work at the library and I think its inevitable to talk about sanity in the midst of quarantine–especially as someone who has been home alone for the past two months. I've seen people doing amazing things, and I wanted to start a conversation by sharing with you what I've done to pass time, manage my isolation and stay positive in the process.

Here's my list:

8 Things That Have Kept Me Sane During Quarantine - Lifestyle - Lourdes Montes | Two Arts in a World

1. Reading

I think reading is definitely what I've done the most of while in quarantine. I've read 10 books in different formats since March 13. From my library borrowed stack, to audiobooks, already owned books and eARCs my friend taught me how to acquire. I'm definitely getting ahead of my reading challenge and feel really confident about reaching my goal this year and maybe even pass it.

2. Blogging

Maybe is all the extra time, but I feel really proud that I've been able to establish a blogging schedule and post more content each week. Of course, I'm slowly transitioning from just book reviews to more content in topics I care about, and maybe I'll go back to only posting twice a week once work comes back to regular hours, but knowing I can do this has helped me to stay motivated.

3. Cooking/Baking

I think we've all experienced the challenge of cooking an elaborate recipe from the internet and treating ourselves with a good meal we've made from scratch. I definitely cooked more at the beginning of the quarantine and definitely baked enough sweets once I ran out of junk food, but doing this has helped me manage my cravings of restaurant food and snacking all the time.

4. Painting

Feels like a miracle of its own that I got to paint with oils again and enjoyed of a burst of creativity. It was as if my art supplies had been there waiting for me. I got to use the stack of canvas stored in my bottom shelf and on the days I only felt like being creative in a smaller scale, my watercolor journal was perfect. I've been trying to pace my painting to maybe create a routine where I'm not all consumed or scared of my art anymore.

5. Taking Care of My Plants

I did a lot of plant things since my plants have been my only companions. I re-potted, divided and water-propagated my plants as well as acquired some new babies, almost doubling the number of plants in my home. I used to be a plant killer, so this definitely helped my spirits everyday. Definitely writing more about this later.

6. Making Journals

One of my multiple hobbies is designing and making journals for different purposes and in different sizes. I had so many journals put together that just needed sewing and I ventured into painting new canvas for covers that will make journals someday. I managed to complete and add 11 new journals to my shop in my birthday. You can check them out, here.

7. Editing my Novel/Writing

Ah such rollercoaster writing is. I began quarantine committed to edit the heavy manuscript I have, but alas, it didn't go as expected. I began a journal with notes, and flashcards which are a huge help now, but unfortunately only half my draft works and I felt like taking a new approach. I'm going to outline based on what I have and discard the rest–I get to learn in the process, but it's still painful.

Besides that, I also relied on writing new stuff and brainstorming to keep things a little fresh. This is an area i struggled with but persisted the best I could. The journey isn't over yet.

8. Connecting with People Through Social Media

God bless social media in the era of social distancing. Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been my best friends, but also Zoom and Skype, as they have helped me stay in touch with friends and family whose faces and presence I miss so much. I also got to experience YALLStayHome on a weekend where I almost gave up on writing altogether and it was so inspiring being able to see my favorite authors talk about their craft and the things that matter to them.

If I felt less lonely it was because social media, and it helped a lot–now more than ever. It also makes you appreciate people's presence outside a screen. Never taking that for granted again.

These are just a few things that have helped me while I stay in my apartment. Funny how t.v. wasnt a big thing for me. I did watch a couple of shows, but I struggled so much to get into a new series or watch movie, I do have a list of favorites I'd love to share. I also developed a skin-care routine.

Anyways, I'd love to hear what has helped you keep your sanity.

What skill have you perfected? What project have you finished? What habit did you develop? What books have you read? What shows have you watched? I'd love to know!

Comment your answers and let's start a conversation!

Stay safe and healthy.

Love, Lourdes

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