Catching up With the New Year

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but in my defense I can say is that life has kept me busy.

I've been running on coffee and staying organized with my Happy Planner, balancing four classes and two jobs.

I ended 2018 with a bit of a shake (if you check out my Instagram stories you might know why), and at some point the stress was so much I turned to reading in order to keep myself a little sane.

On the bright side, it helped me reach my 2018 reading challenge just before the year ended, and having reached at least that one goal helped me start 2019 with so much hope and energy.

This year I am preparing myself for many changes and some trips (everybody is getting married abroad!), so, realistically I will be on and off from Instagram, both in my art and my writing/literature account (Click here to check that one out).

I will keep making art, of course!

Right now I’m working on some framed paintings on paper for Valentine’s Day!

New framed paintings are coming to the shop for Valentine's Day!

I will also try to write occasional posts because I want blogging to become a habit. I might switch between topics, from art-related posts, to the progress on my reading challenge just to keep it interesting.

I am finally on my last semester of my Bachelor’s degree and I want to focus on doing great both in school and the development of my life after I graduate.

With this said, I hope everything to go a bit back to normal by June–but don’t hold me to that!

Balancing personal goals and responsibilities is hard, I think pretty much everyone knows this. I have to pace myself in order to not let goals wipe out responsibilities or vice versa, and being realistic about what I can manage is the one way I won’t unsettle myself in the process.

I have some exciting projects that I will be able to share with you later in the year, and I also want to use this platform to express all my passions, which are my art journey, writing, and reading, so these will be some of the topics for my future posts. and I hope I can create content you will enjoy and relate to. At the moment, I also want to focus on clearing as much of my inventory as possible.

The last couple of weeks have helped me a lot on that aspect, but throughout the past years I have made so much art that I won’t be able to carry with me when I move, therefore I'm having a sale!

Please check out my shop to see what’s still available because everything is 50% off right now! And there is also free shipping in orders of $100+!

Thank you for reading, and please subscribe at the bottom of the page if you want to come along with me in my journeys.

Stay tuned for more posts, and share if you wish.

I would also love to hear about your goals for this year and what you'd like me to write about in the comments.

Love, Lourdes

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