Starting Your Art Journey: Exploring and Getting Inspired

Get comfy and lets get started. Every art journey starts perhaps the same way, wanting to create something beautiful. It is like a silent call directly from your soul that fills you with a certain uneasiness that aims for action. Back in 2013, I felt just that way, but I was so clueless about what I was doing that I must admit at a certain point I mixed oil and acrylic paint which resulted in a complete mess. I didn't know at the moment about the many possibilities art gives you, and it is thanks to my unrest that I found my own style and started to call myself an artist.

As an artist, you learn that at a certain point of your journey you will develop styles that will be uniquely yours. Exploring your art is a never-ending journey that will involve frustration and hopelessness, as much as satisfaction.

But first you need to get started.

Whether you are a beginner, or you feel stuck, here are some ideas to help you push through and find a way to channel your inner artist:


I must admit that this word used to be confusing to me. The way I can explain it to you, is: mediums are what you're creating with, so it can be anything depending on the type of art you're focusing on.

In this case, acrylic, oil paint, watercolors, inks, pigment, and pastels are what I mostly work with.

It can also be the case that I use this word to refer to what I add to my paint, like molding paste, or cold wax–to only name the ones I have worked with.

Anyway, there are many options out there available to you, so I'd recommend for you to go to the craft store and see your options.


To make great art, you have to know and feel comfortable with your playing tools. I remember the moment I used a palette knife for the first time. I gave away all my brushes not long after because I thought palette knives were all I needed; they basically were for a while until I started painting my edges again, and every time I come back from the art store with a new palette knife I feel like a kid with a new toy. There are so many styles of palette knives, and even brushes, and all will give you a different result depending on how you use them. In my experience, some of your tools will let you down and some you will use until they break.

Artist tools by Lourdes Montes


Your colors will convey the mood of your art. Personally, my preferences lie on pink, blue, and purple. But it's always fun to explore color combinations. Combine your colors in your art, and create new colors by mixing your paint.

For color inspiration I reccoment you follow Pantone. And if you like a challenge, and are looking for palette inspiration, I recommend you to check out Color Crush Creative, they have a new palette each week!

Here is an example of what Color Crush Creative's palettes might look like, and a painting I did with one of them.

Get inspired

When you feel stuck, browse through Instagram for some inspiration. Perhaps it'll encourage you to try a new medium, color combination, or technique. Here is what my inspiration looks like:

Get comfy

Your creative time is all about you because your art is a reflection of your connection with yourself and the world. Whether you are home, or traveling, you have to find a time and place to be just in the right creative mood. Listen to music, light a candle, or even multitask and watch a show.

Be bold enough to play and discover your style and your own techniques.

Make a mess and learn, there is nothing more satisfying than looking at your finished work, and always remember that you have the potential of creating something great!

Feel free to contact me for any advice, subscribe and please check out the artists I featured in this post.

Share some love, Lourdes.

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