Blogging: A Reflection

I’m setting some time aside from my duty of getting work done for my classes, as we are at the end of the semester, to write a reflection about blogging. I felt the need of doing it because it is only this semester that it was a duty for me to blog, and because I had not blogged before –ever—until this internship.

I remember starting my blog with a notebook full of ideas and a schedule of when each was going to be published, I was so excited and “ready for it” that I could only imagine how glorious it would be. However, reality hit, it’s the end of the semester and I’m only meeting half of my blog posts goal. It is not something I’m proud of, but I did learn a couple of things I would like to share.

What I learned:

Writing down ideas for blog post is important, you need to know what you want to explore and write about. Truth is, you might need to do some research to give your readers something interesting, accurate, and informative. Even when writing about your own experiences you need to be as accurate as you can and have a lesson that goes along, or a story that will resonate with your readers.

It can also happen that you have a spontaneous idea, and that’s okay, the ideas need to keep coming in order to keep a blog running. Take your time. Start at your own pace.

Once you have the knowledge of whatever you want to write about, writing the blog post might not be as hard if you commit the time to it. In my case, even though writing the first draft of a post isn’t hard, I still have to work on making it a habit, or relaxing a little while editing. Knowing that people will look at it, still makes me a little self-conscious of my writing.

It is important to write about what you’re passionate about. I know this because you really need to want to share something to go through the necessary research and be able to write about it. In my case, I know that after this semester I will also focus my blog on art because my artistic journey is something I feel really passionate about.

What I need to improve/must haves:

I feel like I need to work on making of blogging a habit, so I will try to explore ways to make it possible,

Other little things to I also need to improve and that every blogger must have are good visual content and voice.

On visual content, I know every blog’s images need to be more original. I will work on creating my own visual content like pictures, graphs, or videos; especially whenever I try to show something specific.

On voice, I’m aware that different writing requires a different type of voice, and as I writer I will do my best to find my voice for my blog.


I know in my heart that I will c

ontinue blogging. I want to improve and explore to see where it’ll take me.

I will set goals to be able to keep blogging and achieve all the improvements I need to make it efficient. I hope you can follow me in my journey, and leave some comments below.

Until next time.

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