20 Goals for 2020

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope your 2020 is picking up pace smoothly and that you've managed to think about what you want this year to be for you.

I've given so much thought to that myself in the past two weeks, so I've gathered a list of things I want to get done this year, and habits I want to develop or at least transition into.

20 Goals for 2020 by Lourdes Montes - Lifestyle Blog Post | Two Arts in a World | January, 2020.

- 1 -

Read 45 Books

Since I didn't reach my reading challenge last year, I feel obliged to reach the 45-books goal. I'm already three books in, so I'm hoping I'll keep the good pace, and who says, maybe I'll surpass the number of books read. I have so many books in my shelf waiting to be read ad library books as well, so I have no excuses this year.

- 2 -

Finish Dark Keeper Edits

Last year I finished the draft, this year we focus on edits. It is definitely a goal I need to emphasize since it has been super hard to do! I really hope that I will have useful notes by the end of the first round because I know for sure the step that follows will be rewriting a lot of the draft and adding more to the manuscript.

- 3 -

Write the Draft of a DK Sequel

This was a plan when I ended the first draft of DK, and I can't wait to see where my characters go in the sequel. I'm definitely leaving this for after the first round of edits and I will plan it a little more in advance before I start drafting. Because I;m still fairly new to this, I think the only way to improve my writing is by doing it more often.

- 4 -

Buy Less Books

I own so many books I haven't read an this is probably the hardest thing to do considering all the great books coming out this year and all the great books out there that I dont already own. I will try to do this by reading more books, especially the ones I already own and the ones available in the library. and I'm going to limit myself to buying one book per month, or one every four books I read.

- 5 -

Volunteer When Possible

One of the thing I love about my job in the library is that is offers volunteer opportunities. Last year I participated in a parade, and volunteered for YALLFest, which I enjoyed so much, but this year I will look out for more opportunities in the library system and out. I have my eye already on some places.

- 6 -


2020 is election year, and as a citizen I'm determined to exercise my right to vote. It is going to be my first time voting, so I know I have a lot of research to do, but I already registered, so the first step has been taken and I'm excited.

- 7 -

Bring Diverse Content to my Blog

I have so many of what I want to write about this year. Lists to make on all the things that interest me, books to review, my writing journey, and a lifestyle change I want to begin to share about. I am open to suggestions and collaborations, so you can always reach out for that.

- 8 -

Paint Again

It scares me a little how things have changed in the last couple of years because I haven't painted in a long time. Before I used to paint every day and I loved that, but right now, even through I use my watercolor journals, my medium is oils, and I need to nourish my love again to create what I love. I'm proud of what I've created in the past, so part of my fear of painting again is that I won't be able to create something that I'll feel happy with.

I'm taking it easy because I want to paint again without fear.

- 9 -

Produce Less Waste

This is a goal that I've started working and building momentum for since last year. It's not something that happens overnight, but it is definitely a lifestyle change I'm willing to make.

Part of this journey will require learning so many things, and adjusting parts of my life slowly.

This is definitely something I want to share in order to inspire others to do the same.

- 10 -

Write a Short Story

My problem with short stories is that they end up turning in ideas for full books–Dark Keeper began just like that. But this year, I want to write a short story, and I want to share it here.

We'll see how that goes.

- 11 -

Post on my Art Instagram

This is something I already began to do and I'm really happy with it. I decided that all this year, I will skip the bulk of hashtags and I will focus more on finding the joy of sharing what I do with my followers.

- 12 -

Listen to More Podcasts

I began listening to podcasts pretty late last year and there are a couple of shows I'm already obsessed with. This year, I plan to explore more, and share with you the podcasts that need to be under your radar.

- 13 -

Update my Website

I feel like this is a little long overdue. There are a few changes I want to make, so it is definitely happening sometime this year. I just believe this space had become so much more than just art-focused, so I will make the necessary changes so that it reflects the interests I have.

- 14 -

Exercise More Often

There was a time when I used to do crossfit. It was addictive, but quite expensive. I might not be able to go back to that, but I want to find ways to exercise and build a habit for it. I know it will benefit me in the long run, which is why I want to start working on it now.

- 15 -

Read at Least Two Books in each Foreign Language I Know

I have no excuse for this, I own books both in Spanish and French, so I will pick them up and read them. I am a little picky about what I read in foreign languages because translated books don't seem natural to me. Maybe I could do it in French, since I wouldn't notice the difference, but I definitely would in Spanish.

- 16 -

Have at Least One Decent Vacation

Last year wasn't my year to travel. I cancelled two trips very last minute and it left me with a very sour taste, but also a few lessons. This year I want to be able to tae a decent vacation abroad if possible. But this counts more as a wish, it's not a priority over more important things.

Really crossing my fingers it'll be possible.

- 17 -

Go to a Concert

I haven't been to a concert since 2018 and this is only in the list with a low priority status. Charleston isn't a city for major bands or artists, but there are a few cities nearby that are perfect for that.

If it happens, I'll share for sure.

- 18 -

Publish a Monthly Newsletter

If I'm able to make a habit for blogging, I can definitely send out a monthly newsletter. But because I haven't been super strict about it, I will try to develop the habit of sending out a monthly newsletter for sure.

You can subscribe at the bottom of this page for sure.

- 19 -

Bring More Plants Into my Home

Life is always a little happier with plants, that's for sure. I currently have fifteen plants at home, and I would love to turn my apartment into a little jungle if possible. It is perhaps the knowledge that I'm successfully maintaining them alive that makes me feel responsible and also more connected with nature.

I started propagating some of my plants, and there is a beautiful local plant shop with affordable prices near me, so hopefully we'll make progress this year.

- 20 -

Take Care of My Mental Health

Because I'm a workaholic and overachiever, I've noticed that being anything less than that has taken a toll in my mental health. Life isn't always perfect, but I want self-care to become part of my daily life to remind myself that as long as I'm alright, there is hope for better times and space for better feelings.

Thank you for reading through my list. Sharing it with you makes me feel like I've taken the first step towards making each of these goals happen. They aren't organized by priority, but I want them to be present. Some are wishes, some are goals, some are habits I want to develop, and I hope that together we can accomplish so much this year.

If you have any goals and want to share, please do. Click here to send me a message, or log in to post a comment. I care.

Today I finished reading Lovely War by Julie Berry, so the review for it will be out Tuesday.

Love, Lourdes

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