About Me

Hi! My name is Lourdes Montes and I'm a creative soul based in Charleston, Sc.

Originally from Mexico, my creative journey began at a young age but truly flourished during the gap-year I took after High School. It might have been because of the amount of free time I had, but I lived and breathed art, creating unique abstract pieces with bold colors and texture. 

During college, I tried to balance my love for art and writing and kept a book always by my side as I did my work study in the public library system.

After college, I relocated to Charleston, SC and began drafting my first novel. I've dedicated more time to blogging and got a job in the Charleston County Public Library system where I'm always surrounded by books.

I'm slowly making my way back to painting and working on the edits of my novel,  

Follow me on Instagram @lou.m.art - Art

@lou.m.writes - Books & Writing

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